Freelancer Shanto

Freelancer Shanto


Proof Of Work And Client Reviews By Shanto Das

Please check my previous work proof before hiring me.

Who Is Shanto ??

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Who Is Shanto
Proof Of Work And Client Reviews By Shanto Das

About | Shanto Das

Proof Of Work And Client Reviews By Shanto Das

Hello, I’m Shanto Das | Best SEO Expert In CTG. With three years of digital marketing experience, I have successfully served over 200 clients, both on and off marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr, Legiit, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Visit my social media accounts to witness client satisfaction and completed projects. As the best advanced SEO and SMM expert in Bangladesh, I can work with you to elevate your business. Let me optimize your online presence, drive more traffic, and enhance brand visibility. With my skills and expertise, I guarantee measurable results. Contact me now to discuss how we can collaborate and grow your business together.

Previous keyword research work

My services include:

1. Keyword analysis 2.Competitor analysis 3.Long-tail Keyword research 4. Search volume analysis 5.Keyword difficulty analysis 6.Ranking potential analysis

Keyword Research Ecommerce Website
Keyword Research Client Report
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Amazing service! Very thorough explaining everything! Highly recommend it.

Keyword Ranking Report

Client Website Overview | Shanto Das

Website Overview

Keyword Position | Keyword Research Report Sheet

Keyword Position

SEO Audit Complete Report sheet

Web Info

Web Info .

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

On Page SEO

On Page SEO Report 

Previous On Page SEO Work

Before SEO Work
After SEO Work
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Shanto Das is highly professional, conscientious, and client-focused. I very much enjoyed working with him, and recommend him without reservation. .

Complete On-Page SEO Report sheet

Before SEO Work By Shanto Das

Before SEO Work

After SEO Work By Shanto Das

After SEO Work

Technical SEO Report Sheet

Google Search Console

Google Search Console Set-Up

Google Analytics Set-Up

Google Analytics Set-Up

Rank Math Plugins Set-Up

Rank Math Plugins Set-Up

Yoast SEO Plugins Set-Up

Yoast SEO Plugins Set-Up

Site-Map And Robots-Txt Set-Up

website speed test

Website Speed Test

Off Page SEO Report Sheet
Social Bookmarking

 05 Social Bookmarking

Dofollow Blog Comments

5 Dofollow Blog Comments

Before Website With Out Backlink

Before Work

After Backlinks With Backlink

After Work